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FitFarms Spain Weight loss and Fitness Boot camp

Boxing at FitFarmsFitFarms Spain

Today we are flying out to FitFarms Spain in Andalucia. We managed to get a PM flight so we all met at London Luton airport at 2.30pm in time to board the 4.30m flight to Malaga.
FitFarms Spain is extremely popular with returning customers and on this weight loss and fitness camp we have 4 returning guests looking to improve their fitness levels and tone up in the Spanish sunshine.
There always seems to be a bit more of a holiday atmosphere on the Spanish FitFarms courses which is mainly due to the glorious weather and having a pool to relax around and have a dip in the fitness retreats downtime.
The weather is peaking at 26 degrees on this course and we have planned to do Jens (sports therapist and exercise coach) aqua aerobics session to some hearty 80’s and 90’s tunes which has always been a favourite with past attenddes on the weight loss retreats. Another highlight of the week is the walk in the Nevada mountain range which is close to the medieval town of Granada.
The walk is a Spanish national walk and thousands of walkers come to this place every year. It starts in a very pretty village called Monchel where we park up and start undulating climb to the mountain range. Once on the mountain range we walk past waterfalls and over wooden bridges. The mountainous scenery is spectacular and it gives our customers chance to take some photos and even a few selfies with the waterfalls as a backdrop.
When everyone is back from the walk we have a packed lunch and then we take some timeout to view the medieval city of Granada.


London Boot Camp Simple Circuit

stop giving upstop giving up1When I was down on the FitFarms London Boot Camp I devised a simple but effective lower and upper body circuit for the FitFarms Guests.

Here at FitFarms we have many guests who join us and the London holistic weight loss and fitness boot camp which is popular due to being close to the capital. FitFarms provides a free service where we collect customers from the local train station. However this is soon to be changed to a more central collection point being London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 4.

London Boot Camp Circuit

A simple circuit involving lower body, upper body and core.

Perform 20 of each exercise in the first circuit, then 18 in the next dropping by 2 each circuit, allow a short rest between circuits if needed.

1.Squats – Muscle areas are quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles, lower back and glutes.

2.Tricep dips using a chair great for building up triceps and shoulders

3.Dead bugs the main goal of the dead bug is to strengthen the core while minimizing the pressure on the lower back

4.Treadmills on the floor for a great all round lower body workout

5. Glute bridge concentrates on the glutes but also targets the hamstrings and abs

6.Round the world Lunges concentrating on the thighs and strengthening the hips

7.Press ups increasing functional upper body strength

8.Bird dog strengthening the core muscles and stabilizes the spine especially the lumbar area

9.Jacks great for raising the heart rate

Weight loss and fitness occupational activity

received_2059320577730609A few weeks ago I was given a literature review about musculoskeletal injuries in three specific construction trades (my partner works in the industry & thought I would find it interesting -he knows me well!) I found it enlightening & can’t say I was surprised at anything in it considering the manual activities, work load & repetition involved.

Following that one I found another article about how manual jobs don’t produce the same health benefits as leisure time activity. It notes that occupational activity is of no cardiorespiratory benefit as it does not reach the high intensity or the duration is too long. Heart rate is also suggested to increase during as well following long duration of occupational activity over a 24 hour period, contrary to with leisure activity; also as occupational activity often involves static working postures or heavy lifting the muscle contraction involved increases blood pressure which it also suggests may remain increased subsequently after.

Occupational activity is suggested to cause fatigue & exhaustion with potential to elevate risk of cardiovascular disease due to poor recovery times such as from long weekly hours worked; & lack of control over occupational tasks such as schedule, speed & environment are also put forward as contributory to detrimental effects.

Lastly it suggests that inflammation increases & remains elevated with occupational activity which over long periods of time & combined with inadequate recovery is noted as responsible for prolonged inflammation. It sounds quite generic as will vary by occupation (there’s definitely high intensity in mine -benefit, but equally there’s fatigue -risk) but I think nicely hi lights the importance of including leisure activity even if your occupation involves physical demands.