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FitFarms London Boot Camp New Year


Myths ExerciseNew Year New You!
I remember recently being in the exercise area at the Holistic FitFarms London Boot Camp and speaking to a customer about New Year resolutions, aims and their goals. The customer talked about her 2019 aims and we both asked ourselves the question so we could focus and get to the end goal.


The question we both asked was – But how?


New healthy diet? Maybe try one you haven’t before? Or one that worked in the past? Weight Loss Boot Camp Exercise regime, start easy? Or jump into the deep end and follow a Fitness Boot Camp exercise regime? A walk around the block? Or 5 days a week of hiit (or some other sort “FAT BURNING” awesomeness.)


How confident are you? How serious? Is this a new life a complete overhaul or have you always kept in shape but would like to knuckle down and get back to form after Xmas? What will make this plan a success and when it is what will you do after? Is it really a lifestyle change if you plan to stop after achieving weight loss, fitness and lifestyle goals? Is it really a lifestyle if the changes your committing to are only with a view to achieving said goals? Where do you go after? maintenance? What’s that look like? Doing the same thing but with less focus, doing something different but more maintainable? Stopping all together? What makes this time successful where all the others failed? Details! Not finding a diet that’s seems to have a big successful following not just trying to watch what you eat and get a little exercise not even throwing yourself into a £150 a month online plan (closing your eyes holding your breath and hoping for the best!!) it’s the details.. it’s making the right choice for you based on what you need what you want what you can manage and what you believe amongst others. That what we focus on during our courses the details.. that way you will have the right mix of a plan at your fingertips with the power to adapt and change it if and when necessary without the fear of failure or the doubt of low self confidence because you will understand the reasoning and idea behind the plan and you will be able to move in the right direction without necessarily sticking to one path


weight loss, fitness and lifestyle programme


The third fitness and weight loss program I wrote at the FitFarms London Fitness Camp for one of our clients after my request on Facebook as as you can see based on improving stamina for walking. A slight spanner in the works in terms of exercise program planning was that to train for improving stamina with only around 10 minutes to play with is not a typical request.  However my aim with these weight loss and fitness plans was not to prove I could write an effective plan for the goal but to write one for the client. 10 minutes is what would work for them and consistency trumps perfection every time. So below i have given 4 different 10 minute weight loss and fitness workouts spread ideally evenly throughout the week, I have picked simple exercises again because it is easier for the client to adapt an exercise they understand than one they need constant coaching on and I feel I have left plenty of room for progression which will be the key to the success of the weight losss and fitness program for the client. Whether you are interested in improving your stamina or not give this session a go and let us know how you feel about it..

Timeline: 1 year

Goals: improve stamina start cycling to and from work 7 miles each way

Likes: long walks
Forward focus:

A progressive plan for improving overall stamina and fitness for the long walks planned next year

Provide more healthy option ideas around diet..

Concentrate on core area

Wants to train for around 10 minutes in the morning as it is the most likely time available

Has resistance bands but no other equipment and short on space.
Target areas: legs and core

Frequency: 4 times a week

Time: 10-15 minutes
Day 1

Legs focussed

Static squat

Forward and backward lunges

Rock climbers

Ascending reps.. start 5 reps/pulses each increase it by one rep each time and try to continually cycle without breaks in between these exercises should fatigue your legs quite quickly so improving how long you can go without stopping would suggest your muscular endurance is improving

Day 2

Core focussed


Side plank

Log lift

Side plank

10 seconds per position then rest 20 seconds, repeat (once you can’t comfortably manage the exercises I.e. Back ache take a longer rest but try to build up the time per position as well as how many circuits during the 10-15 minute routine

Day 3

Legs focussed


Squat jumps


2 minutes each as Many reps as possible 1 minute rest between exercises as this improves think about increasing the time limit and decreasing the rest period.. it’s overall improvement is just as important as improvement in the individual challenges..

Day 4

Core focussed

Renegade (press up position)

Butt ups into lateral mountain climber ( bringing the knee up to the elbow on the same side of the body)

Walk outs/roll outs (fitball or rolling device required)

Supermans (weighted or resistance band progression is available but a ruck sack with additional weight would work better)

Side to side touches

Aim for 2 minutes per exercise.. my reason for picking these exercises is that holding the press up or renegade position by itself is a challenge to incorporate movements like these will increase the effort whilst still adding a level of core control. I don’t expect you’ll manage 2 minutes of each exercise certainly not straight away so take note of time spent on each exercise and try to improve as time goes by to see how your core strength and stamina improve.
On top of this building up time on your bike at weekends will add to both your overall fitness and as a way of seeing your strength and stamina improve.


Weight Loss Exercise Fun and Enjoyable

received_2059320577730609As I’ve mentioned before I’m of the opinion that the exercise you choose to do should be fun and enjoyable; and if necessary chop, change and try something new to keep it that way. I think those are good words of advice, which makes me wonder why I hadn’t listened to them myself for a while! I like to exercise and do so pretty much daily, I like and need variation, mixing exercise up a bit to keep it interesting; but for a little while I’d found myself thinking that actually I hadn’t really tried anything new or attended any classes which I used to enjoy for some time and that my own exercise was feeling a bit stagnant. I’ve a long list of both valid reasons and poor excuses as to why but I won’t get into that now! At FitFarms camping in London  I kept promising myself that I would give hula hooping a go as it looked like fun, but I never got round to it (that list again). Anyway this has been niggling at me for a while, and this weeks course was one of those serendipitous weeks where you feel like there’s a master plan unfolding somewhere in this universe. I was aware that I hadn’t done a good yoga session for a while and as much as I could have gone and practiced at several points I didn’t (curse that list); however come Thursday morning there was a yoga session with Rosie which I’d promised myself I’d join in with -and I did (albeit 5 minutes late and tiptoeing in!) I can honestly say I loved it, a change of style to how I usually practice, a fantastic group of people to practice alongside, and it must be said, an amazing instructor. I left virtually floating, fully recharged with a newly rebooted desire to improve my practice, and the sense that my niggle was right – I need a change, to try something new. I’m not quite sure where that niggle is going to take me as I’ve quite an extensive list of things I’d like to try and or go back to, but I do know that the first thing I need to do is look at that list and separate the reasons from the excuses before I can plan what’s feasible, focus, and move onto a new exercise or discipline with the passion both it and I deserve

FitFarms Spain Weight Loss Boot Camp

Jennie HebbSo here I am back home from another week in beautiful Spain, though it was significantly cooler than September when we were last there! (the best way of dealing with cold, move faster, right?!) Anyway temperature drop aside, it was for the most part beautifully sunny & with a fantastic group of positive people we had the elements to create the great weight loss retreat week it was. Now I feel adaptability is something of a second nature to us which is fortunate as this time around no one wanted to make use of the pool & we certainly weren’t going to the beach! What we did do however is discover another beautiful walk, along the reservoir & hire bikes for a cycle which is perfect for our FitFarms Spain Weight Loss Boot Camp, both which offered some great photo opportunities & the latter which we did on the morning of my birthday! The afternoon session was my choice & it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without a bit of a dance so that’s what I went with; dancing in the pool was out, but dancing in the hall was in & it seemed to go down well; it was put together a while back using music & moves from films, & so I described the session as a cross between ‘watches too much T.V’& ‘dances round the living room’! As I keep saying whatever you do make it fun, and yes, dancing round the living room counts as exercise (fortunately for me!) I had a few of the ‘poor you, working on your birthday’comments, but in all honesty I got to go for a cycle & dance around; as someone once said to me ‘if you can make a living doing what you enjoy, it won’t feel like work’& they were right. To top it off for a giggle, on my request I got to listen to the groans of Andy & Stephen attempting the baby shark abs challenge (sadly I don’t have the evidence, just the memory), & I also received a Spanish birthday card which I waited until I was home to open to make me smile & remind me of a brilliant week with lovely people, I’m going to sign off now finishing with a sincere Thank you to all (you know who you are) who were at ‘work’with me.