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Team Building Corporate Health Screening Days

FitFarms Team Bonding and Health Screening is a completely unique experience for your team. It’s a challenging, fun day out for all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes with detailed corporate health screening tests from the UK’s leading lifestyle retreat FitFarms.

The day will cover team bonding exercise and some challenging, fun but manageable for everyone fitness classes. There will be a nutritious delicious healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner which will be backed up by an educational nutrition workshop getting your team up to date with the latest nutrition science.

Your days event will be organised and delivered by Good Morning ITV Fitness and Nutrition Guru Justin Lord.

Team Building Exercises Corporate Health Screening Test

FitFarms Team Bonding delivers the most accurate and detailed screening in the Industry. We are able to do this because we are the leading lifestyle retreat company in the UK. We deliver the same service to your team all within a day that we deliver to our residential retreat customers but on your company’s doorstep.

Corporate Health Screening

Atrial fibrillation (Heart and blood clot)

Artery Check (Heart attack and stroke risk)

Liver function test (5 preventive checks)

Kidney function test (4 early detection test

Energy, muscles and bones (3 checks including calcium levels)

Inflammatory Arthritis risk (gout check)

Diabetes Check (glucose levels)

Full lipid profile (heart disease risks and cholesterol/ tricglycerides)

Health Markers including protein, iron. Potassium, Selium, Magnesium, Copper

Metabolic Age and Rate

Detailed Report and After Care

Body Fat Percentage

Hydration Levels

Height, Weight and BMI Calculations

Peak Flow lung capacity test

Etc Etc

Team Building Day Exercises

However fit or unfit your team is we can tailor the programme to make it challenging but always manageable. You may have some super fit people on your team and some super unfit people but we will tailor the programme to the individual also making sure your team stays as one improving as everyone goes through the programme together.

Team Building Health Screening Test Locations

FitFarms Team Bonding and Health cover every city, town and village in the country. FitFarms has been in the health industry for over 13 years and now in the fortunate position that we can operate as a mobile unit. We’ve delivered in London and also in minute villages in Devon and even a sleepy hamlet in Norfolk. Just enter your company name, email address and telephone number we will contact you to go over our programme and your requirements.

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