FitFarms Classic Mid May Course

Re: FitFarms Classic Mid May Course

Postby carolynho » Wed May 11, 2016 9:23 pm

Hi I'm Carolyn and have never been on anything like this before so am really looking forward to it! I lead a relatively healthy and active life since retiring a couple of years ago but am feeling older than my age and feel I need a kick start to lose some weight and start to feel a bit more sprightly. It suddenly feels a lot harder to lose weight, especially when various aches and pains put me off doing as much exercise as I might otherwise do. My aim is to come away feeling younger than my age rather than older! Look forward to meeting everyone on Monday.
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Re: FitFarms Classic Mid May Course

Postby roycl » Thu May 12, 2016 8:05 am

Hello, I'm Catherine and this will be my first visit to FitFarms. As I have got older I have found it harder to lose weight. Recurring cellulitis in my legs has made walking for longer periods more difficult. I want to make changes to my current lifestyle and hope that FitFarms will help give me the motivation to do this.
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Re: FitFarms Classic Mid May Course

Postby gillhu » Thu May 12, 2016 12:12 pm

Hi, I'm Gill and am attending Fit Farms for the first time. I need to loose several stones in weight and find a likeness for exercise!
Really hope this week will give me the kick start I need.
Look forward to meeting you all on Friday......
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Re: FitFarms Classic Mid May Course

Postby kimre » Sun May 22, 2016 11:41 am

Hi all.

I did 2 fitfarms back in the early days - somewhere around 2008 I think it was! We were living in Paris at the time (we are Aussies) and I needed a break with some english speaking people! Fitfarms is Totally addictive. I did the first then went back two months later just because! This led me to meeting some lovely ladies and we are friends to this day. We went on to meet and run half marathons and other running events together like the Paris 20km. All this from practically zero fitness for some of us.

Since then I have moved country 3 times (France/Australia/France/England) and had a third child at the age of 42. I credit my fitfarm experience for kickstarting my motivation and desire to put my mind and body in the healthy state to even consider pregnancy at that age (10 years after the last one!) it was my fittest and easiest pregnancy.

Now that I live in the UK I was keen to rekindle my fling with fitfarms so here I am...looking forward to a week away in the fresh English countryside, eating wholesome food, and reconnecting with myself and my health goals. If I can lose some weight and stubborn stomach fat too it would be a bonus!

I look forward to meetiing you all and to laughing in empathy when we hear the groans each of us will make when we sit down and get up again from our seats (delayed onset muscle soreness day 2/3)!!! Don't be scared, we will all feel it...

See you Friday, fingers crossed for gorgeous weather.
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