Sunny Spain April

Sunny Spain April

Postby admin » Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:30 pm

Hi there everyone on the Sunny Spain course,

If you have any questions please ask on this forum.

The weather is looking very good for next week and we're all looking forward to greeting you at Alicante airport.

It would be great if you could leave a little note on here letting us know your reasons for joining us and why you chose Sunny Spain April!

Bye for now

Stephen and Team :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby clsav » Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:03 pm

Hi I'm Cat and I'm coming along with my husband Ian to Sunny Spain on Saturday! We really enjoy the outdoors but following a loss of motivation and putting on weight, hiking, climbing and surfing isn't as enjoyable as we'd like it to be. We are looking forward to giving ourselves a kick start back into regular exercise and getting some top tips on balancing weight loss with exercise.
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby lakshmiba » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:04 am

Hi Cat and Ian, looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! The weather's looking like it'll be glorious!

I'm Lakshmi and am coming along with my mother, Maliga. I'm also looking to kick start my fitness regime which has been totally non-existent for the past 7 years since I started working full-time. I've got a stressful demanding job with long hours and, having recently moved down to the South Coast, a long commute to and from London each day. I struggle to find the time to exercise and get motivated but I've got an imminent deadline - my wedding in September! :o
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby oaniabr » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:51 am

My name's Oania,

I am coming to Spain to kick start myself back into fitness, I have let it go for 2 - 3 months and put weight on. I new it would happen, almost let it happen... now feel rather rubbish... so now need to get it back off and rejuvenate. :o :D :shock:

See you there :)
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby sharonma » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:15 am

Hi Everyone.
I'm Sharon and I am so excited about this coming week. Finally it's here! Hoping for motivation, inspiration and meeting lovely people!
See you Saturday, ladies and gents.
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby cherjo » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:10 pm

Hi all,

Looking forward to meeting you all and having an amazing week.

I think I am a little 'further down the line' than some of you as I no longer have a stressful job taking time, but although I now have plenty of time and opportunity, due to health problems I struggle with exercise and have put weight on. Am hoping that this week will be the start of a long process (and several FitFarms) this year to make permanent lifestyle changes. I hope!
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby cherjo » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:12 pm

Ps really glad the weather is looking good for our week! :D
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby anneea » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:47 pm

Hello everyone

I'm Anne and I'm hoping that a week of sunshine, good food, exercise and hopefully plenty of laughs will help to recharge my batteries and be a step towards enjoying exercise rather than doing everything I can to put it off (it has been known for me to work late unnecessarily to avoid a gym class!). I try to exercise regularly but its a bit half hearted and I don't really push myself - I'd like to see what I'm capable of...My inner couch potato is never far from the surface so I'm hoping this week will be a step towards having a more positive attitude to exercising and eating healthily...

Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a fun week :D
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby joha » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:30 am

Hi - My name is Jo- looking forward to joining the group on Saturday. I have attended other Fit Farms courses in Dorset in UK- but this is my first time trying this in Spain. I have been previously fit, and even quite sporty in the past when playing badminton- altho time has taken it's toll. I have recently taken up cycling in an attempt to recover fitness- altho may be a long haul!
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Re: Sunny Spain April

Postby mindy » Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:22 pm

Hi All

My name's Mindy and I'm like a few others in that I'm a returnee, although my last visit was only a couple of months ago to Dorset, I no longer work and have had episodes in the past where I was signed off long term sick, hopefully those days are behind me and so this year is "my year". I'm looking forward to the week and at least I do have some expectations of what will happen, doesn't mean that my body is totally prepared for it though :lol:

See everyone on Saturday for a week of hard work and fun!
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