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What is the difference between a health farm, fit farm, fat farm, fitness holiday, detox week, weight loss holiday, health spa and a boot camp ?

Most of the above overlap in what they try to deliver to their clients but they all have one attribute in common Weight Loss Management through Health And Fitness.

Below will explain in detail the difference between all the concepts and hopefully make your choice easier when deciding which one is right for you.

Health Farm and Health Spa.

A health farm is usually set in the country and in it's own grounds. Health Farms do not have a strict programme and choice of activities is usually left up to the client. Out of all of the concepts this is the one which proves the hardest, to lose weight. Health Farms normally have too many temptations on site such as good eating and drinking choices but if you can keep away from these weight loss is possible. The typical Health Farm usually boasts a spa room which is more of a distressing and relaxing area with many kinds of treatments from distress cocoons to full body massages. These types of treatments are not found at fat farms, fitness holidays, weight loss holidays and most definitely not at boot camps. However some upmarket fit farms would provide some form of massage to relieve muscle aches and pains.

The name spa originates from the Latin words 'Salus Per Aqua' which translates into 'health through water'. When the Romans invaded our shores over two thousand years ago they brought with them their very sophisticated bathing habits leaving us with spa towns as we now know them. However the Romans were not the inventors of the treatments. Mud baths and seaweed wraps were brought to us by the Middle East due to the salt density and purity of the mud in the Red Sea which helped cure skin diseases.

Fitness Holiday and Weight Loss Holiday.

These two are put together as they are very similar. The first holiday to ever include exercises was probably invented by Bill Butlin in 1935 'Butlins Holiday Camp' in Skegness. They would have a type of early morning wake up exercise programme by the swimming pool. There would also be afternoon team sports organised for the campers covering sports like rounders, cricket and football. In 1939 when the first news of war arrived the campers were removed and Butlins holiday camp was taken over by The Royal Navy.During the War period some 52 bombs were dropped on the holiday camp. The camp was rebuilt and made ready for the public in 1946 and was so successful in 1948 Billy Butlin opened his very own airport next door. Butlins is still a very prosperous holiday camp and exercise is still being enjoyed by all ages and sizes.

The more modern fitness / weight loss holiday where exercise is the priority is a good option if you are after a little weight loss mixed with fun and meeting people. It is not as strict as a boot camp but you're more inclined to lose weight than visiting a health farm.

Boot Camp.

This stands out from all of the others as it is the most strict and structured concept of them all.

The first boot camp stared in 1994 in Panama City, Florida, United States and it's purpose was to install discipline into children whilst boosting moral and spirit. The camp is run the same way as a military camp is run with drills and marching type exercises. Days are very regimented and aimed at weight loss results at all costs.

There are a few companies that are taking this approach to weight loss which are mainly found in America. Boot Camps are the very opposite to Fitness Holidays and Weight Loss Holidays .

Detox Camps.

These can vary considerably depending on the company. Originally detox treatment was to cure an alcohol or drug problems. The modern detox is designed to detoxify your body from all kinds of toxic substances. A good detox programme should cleanse the colon and help with protecting the liver which is the main organ of concern when detoxing. Yoga and Detox courses also known as Yoga Retreats are very good as you detox the mind and the body at the same time. The best detox and yoga programs can be found in India but please do your research before you sign up to a weekend, week or even longer as some are very hard going.

Fat Farms.

A Fat Farm is an adult boot camp for weight loss . They are very strict and believe in hardcore dieting and just as hardcore exercising. This evolved around 50 years ago when weight on adults started to increase due to more processed foods on shopping shelves and lack of exercise. Fat Farms sometime go under the names of Boot Camps and are mainly found in America, Spain, Portugal and France. There has been a lot of bad publicity on this weight loss concept as the lack of food and intense exercise can prove to be dangerous. The weight loss may be temporary, as without proper education and post-course support many people find that they regain the weight.


This is the most modern of all the concepts. We realised that there was a real need for a more structured scientific weight loss retreat still providing the luxury of a health farm but without the military environment of a boot camp.

In devising FitFarms we have taken the best elements of fitness holidays, fat farms, boot camps, detox camps, weight loss holidays, health farms and health spas and made them our own. We believe we are the first and only fitfarm that takes such a scientific detailed approach to weight loss.

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